Lauren Rebstock, The Fashion Entrepreneur

Woman on the Go – Lauren Rebstock, The Fashion Entrepreneur

Surrounded by racks of stunning fabrics, soft silks and plush velvets, soft cottons and shiny sequins, Lauren Eymard Rebstock redefines the way we view boutiques and fashion. La Boujee Boutique is a pop-up based, retail boutique that hosts shows locally, even though Lauren currently lives in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil with her husband.

Originally from Galliano, Lauren’s family moved to Larose when she was in high school. Always having a taste for fashion, it was her dream to be in the retail or fashion industry. After graduating from Nicholls Sate University with a business degree, she became involved in network marketing and it provided a platform to start La Boujee.

“I believe there is such a different concept for what I do compared to brick and mortar stores,” explains Lauren. “We do pop ups and have an online store and that’s all we are about.” Her concept revolves around phrases such as “girl on the go” or “fashion on the go”. La Boujee uses primarily social media to promote and advertise their events and pop ups.

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