Lack of Knowledge Creates Necessity - Jerry Fetta | Grant Cardone TV
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Lack of Knowledge Creates Necessity – Jerry Fetta

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When we “need” things it actually means we lack knowledge. Anyone that “needs” something or is being “needy” is simply being a victim of the thing they cannot do without. Needing something would mean that we feel hooked and we have no choice but to pursue that thing. There is no choice in the matter. It is not something we are logically deciding on. Those that “need’ money typically don’t have it. Watch this video today to find out how you can avoid “needing” things and instead just getting the things you want with no strings attached! Learn more: Jerry Fetta is a husband, son of Yahweh, Entrepreneur and owner of 5 privately held businesses. Jerry lives in Alaska with his wife and 2 dogs. His no-nonsense approach to business, finances, and life speaks truth and provides clarity to his clients and followers. His personal mission in life is to empower millions of leaders to own their God-given, ultimate potential