Kryptonite Is Killing Your Career – Job Talk

Now that you’ve figured out your superpower, it’s time to explore your kryptonite—that situation, person, or trait that smashes your best intentions to smithereens, makes you look like a fool, and takes you down a notch. Maybe it’s your temper, or an annoying person at work, or a type of stress. You’ve succeeded despite your kryptonite, but now it’s time to stop turning a blind eye and grapple this enemy straight-on, get the upper hand, and take back control.
In this episode of Job Talk, Evan Forster turns the tables on David Thomas and blindsides him with the hard truth about David’s own kryptonite—his inability to keep his game face on when frustrated or annoyed. David is not happy about this development, and Evan walks David through how this is hurting his money-making power, and how to vanquish it. By the end of this episode, you’ll know exactly how to get your power back and kick your demon to the curb.

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