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Today Grant interviews Koka Sexton, age 39, who is recognized by Forbes as the #1 Social Salesperson in the world. He is also the go-to guy for LinkedIn, the world’s largest, most professional network.

Koka grew up in the upper-middle class with a father who had served in the Air Force, and was a private investigator that owned his own business. This gave him his entrepreneurial roots at a young age, and set him on the path of law enforcement.

Koka’s view on the ‘middle class’ is that, “You’re either not making it, or doing extremely well.”

He joined the Army as a part of the Military Police field unit, but as a reservist he had to find work in between his deployments. While he serving in the Army, another soldier saw something in him that he hadn’t recognized in himself, and encouraged him to get into the tech field. He took a huge risk changing career paths, and never looked back.

“Complacency kills.” – Koka Sexton

When interviewing for a job at the front desk of a company, he was told he would be emptying the dishwasher—He let them know he didn’t mind and he just wanted in.

One day at that company he ended up helping a customer on the phone as the VP of Sales was walking through the lobby. Long story short, two weeks later he was sitting at a sales desk.

Watch or listen to the full episode to find out how to grow your business and contacts with LinkedIn.

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