Keeping it Fresh | Grant Cardone TV
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Keeping it Fresh

In this Show

In this episode of the G&E show Grant and Elena focus on keeping it fresh. Oftentimes couples fall into routines and get caught up in the day-to-day demands. Every relationship has its challenges and sometimes couples pay attention to less important things. There are certain things couples must NOT to. Elena encourages couples to never use the “d” word (divorce). Grant offers that complaining and failing to acknowledge good deeds can sour any relationship. So what can be done to keep it fresh?

How to Keep It Fresh:
1. Get your eye on the future.
2. Meet new people and get social.
3. Fantasize and dream big together.

Grant explains that a great way to keep things fresh is to look at things that are slightly out of reach. He and Elena often look at homes that are way out of their reach and turn it into a fun time. It also reminded them to keep striving and pushing for more while being happy for what they create together.