Keep The Streak Alive!

Tuesday ends the first quarter of 2015! If the market closes above the 17700 area it will mark 2 straight years that the market has not had a negative quarter. The daily charts were very oversold as I mentioned last Friday and I was looking for this bounce. I think the market can trade higher but again time is running out .for almost 3 months the market really didn’t move much. I am sure they will get their positive return for the quarter on Tuesday. Oil pulled in and is setting up nice on the daily charts ,I am looking for oil to pull back between 46.50 and 47.50 to set up on the daily charts . Gold has almost the same pattern as oil on the daily charts .I am looking for gold to pull back between 1163-1173 on the daily charts .I do not see the federal reserve raising interest rates so I think gold should have a nice rally coming once this pattern on the daily charts is complete.

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