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Katrina Campins & Grant Cardone

In this Show

You might recognize @KatrinaCampins as the female finalist on the first season of The Apprentice. Today she’s still killing it in business as a luxury real estate specialist/entrepreneur where her clients are top athletes, celebrities and business moguls. Tune in for Katrina’s story of how this American-born Cuban bombshell and self-proclaimed “geek who preferred staying in and reading than partying,” started flipping houses at 17 with just $100. Learn how she caught the attention of Donald Trump, what that experience taught her and why every relationship should be valued.

She’s appeared on NBC, VH1, E!, Fox News, CNN, CNBC, ESPN, MTV and the BBC. Katrina sits down with Grant Cardone to discuss her success journey, her views about money, favors, fear of success versus fear of failure, asking for what you want, and learning how to balance her professional side with her feminine side. Although Katrina Campins is surrounded by luxury every day, the #1 thing that impresses her most is something everyone can possess regardless of income level. Tune in find out what that is, what Katrina wants to do next, and catch the great conversation and laid back banter between she and Grant Cardone.

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