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It’s The Journey Not The Destination

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On this Grant Rant, Grant Cardone highlights why, in life, the destination matters more than the journey.

Grant Rant: Is the journey not the destination. How many times have you heard this? I know there is somebody standing in front of an audience today telling somebody “is the journey not the destination.” Let me tell you, for sure, it’s the destination that matters more than the journey. The person that tells you “is the journey not the destination,” is either selling books, doing a seminar or that person has obsoletely no clue of where they are going. If you are going to the moon and you are with the NASA program, and you say to the taxpayers “is the journey not the destination,” no, no, every taxpayer in America will say “no, no, we got to get to the moon.” If we are going someplace, the destination matters more than the journey. Don’t buy into this. This is a stupidity.

This is somebody telling you “I don’t know where I’m going, I don’t know how to get there.” So I’m trying to convince myself and others that the journey matter motte than the destination. Nothing matters more than the destination, don’t kid yourself. You have an NFL ball-club, you have hundreds of millions of dollars invested in this club, and I guarantee you that ring matters. You are trying to get rich and provide for your family, getting rich matters. The journey matters less. When you go get a loan on a house, I promise you they are going to ask you “show me your destinations and don’t tell me about your journey.”

Everybody got problems, everybody haves difficulties, everybody has barriers—that’s the journey the journey. Did you make it? Did you get there? That’s the only thing somebody is going to base their opinions on. Whether to give you a loan, be your partner, get in business, buy your products or invest with you. Did you make it to the destination and can you get us to the next place. The journey matters, the destination matters even more.

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