Jonathan Smoke of Talks Housing with Ilyce Glink

Is the housing market on a roll or is it slowing down? Ilyce discusses the latest housing market indicators with Jonathan Smoke, Chief Economist for

It can be confusing to look at the wide variety of home sales indicators available, from new home sales to existing home sales to pending homes sales. But whether you’re a real estate investor or you’re just hoping to buy your first home, prevailing housing market trends will have an impact on your real estate decision-making process by affecting mortgage interest rates, inventory and other factors. So check out this episode of Big Money Real Estate for a great primer from Ilyce and Jonathan on how to think about housing indicators as they break down the latest numbers and trends.

Then Ilyce and Jonathan discuss’s new ranking of the top 10 easiest metro areas in which to buy a home in June 2015 and the top 20 hottest U.S. housing markets in July 2015.

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To read Jonathan Smoke’s article explaining housing indicators, click here:
For’s ranking of the easiest places to buy a home, click here:
And for’s ranking of the 20 hottest housing markets, click here:

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