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John Hamlin & Grant Cardone Power Players

In this Show

Everyone loves a comeback story and John Hamlin, CEO Hamlin and Associates @wearehamlin shares how a guy with a troubled youth, and an 8th grade education goes from a cocaine addicted car salesman who ends up homeless sneaking into churches to sleep to creating a direct marketing company that generates $20,000,000 a year. When John was 14 he started washing cars. By 18 he was hired as a car salesman but had no clue how to sell. By age 26 in the mid 1980’s was making $90,000 and partying it all away. Despite having a cocaine problem, John was always well liked. The friends he made would help him at the lowest time of his life to turn it around. Find out how he met Grant Cardone and how within 8 years of them meeting, John created a successful business. John’s story is filled with setbacks, self-destruction and self-awareness. His mantra “be of service” is one that will resonate with anyone in business today.

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