The Millionaire is the new middle class. The real goal is to become a multi-millionaire! The truth is, if you have just $1 million, is that even enough to retire on? Americans need to get their target off of $1 million and get it on to $10 million. That means they really should be shooting for $100 million—10X.

Most people who say, “I don’t want more money,” have given up on it. Make the decision to create some wealth for yourself and feed that decision daily. Staying poor is selfish—quit thinking of just you. Change your environment, follow the money, expand your earning so you can invest.

Rich people use debt to leverage investments and grow cash flows. Poor people use debt to buy things that make rich people richer.

Two things to remember today to keep your mind on becoming a multi-millionaire:

1. Feed the Beast—You’ve got to feed your family, the business, the rent, the electricity. Living on planet earth is expensive. It’s not hard to meet new expenses—they’re everywhere. Most Americans live paycheck to paycheck. One thing unexpected happens and the average person is screwed. You need to get serious about making some cake. No one is going to come to your house and make your dreams come true. When you can’t pay for your daughter’s braces, when the budget is too tight to afford a trip to Whole Foods so you settle for processed foods, when you can’t take that trip you’ve always wanted to—it’s all because you don’t have enough income.

2. Feed the Future Beast—It’s not just today’s expenses. Tomorrow will be more expensive, trust me. Inflation goes one way. What will your future expenses be? Will you have enough health care or will you be dependent on adult children to financially support you? Take responsibility for your finances today so that you can have control tomorrow. Wages are not increasing with the rate of inflation. The cost of goods keeps rising but the average salary is stagnant. Set a target and start doing the math on what you will need in the future.

If you don’t do something you will keep getting what you’re getting. You’ve got two beasts to feed—today’s expenses and tomorrow’s expenses. You want to earn enough to invest and create assets for yourself. Truthfully, $1 million is a low target in 2016.

Your target is not a job. A job is something you are bored with. Your new job is to get excited. Become an example to others. Your new job is to create success so that you aren’t worried about a job. Your new job is to be so exceptional that nobody would ever get rid of you. Take a second job, make a second stream of income, whatever it takes to get your money right. The truth is having a JOB means you are Just Over Broke.

Your job is to think like an entrepreneur 24/7. Operate with urgency. Money doesn’t care how old you are. You MUST learn how to sell. Extrovert yourself and make your own economy. The economy of the past isn’t coming back. Jobs are in the middle class. The middle class is disappearing. The millionaire is the new middle class.

Who wants to be a multi-millionaire? It’s time to get your money right. Things are changing fast. On Saturday I delivered a webinar codifying the routes on How YOU Can Become a Millionaire. WHO WANTS TO BE A MULTI-MILLIONAIRE?

Be great,