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I remember around the age of 16, I began to really care about success. I was in sports & bodybuilding at the time. I was sitting on the couch one night thinking: If only someone who was already rich and successful would come into my life and take me under their wing. I’d work hard and listen, I just wanted a little bit of help getting started. That person never did come. In fact, I struggled for the next 7 years as I tried to find my break. Because of that, I want to be that person for you.

This is a chance to win a $1300 scholarship for Wealth DynamX University and the 2018 10X Growth Conference.

  • Wealth DynamX University is my custom wealth creation program and it includes:
    • A written formula to organize your finances today, set 10X Super Life goals, and create an action plan.
    • Monthly coaching calls with a certified consultant for accountability, education, problem solving, and getting connected to others who can help you.
    • Education on Cardone Sales University. Over 1500 videos, broken down into 4 certifications with 3-5 minute videos and 3-5 question quizzes per video. You will learn sales, marketing, negotiating, overcoming objections, and closing.
    • Access to the Wealth DynamX Mastermind Community to keep you connected so you can expand your network and create win-win opportunities.
    • A free ticket to the 10x Growth Conference in Las Vegas, February 22nd – 24th with 20 other Wealth DynamX students. You will learn from speakers like Grant Cardone, Daymond John, Tai Lopez, Lewis Howes, Tim Grover, and more!

This is over $50,000 of value, not to mention the value of wealth it will create for you when you implement the program. 

Here is how easy it is to win:

  1. Submit an application to Tell me who you are, what you do, where you’re going, your story of origin (when you decided to be successful. Your defining moment.), what you’re doing to get there, and why this scholarship would benefit you.
  2. Like and Share the Wealth DynamX Facebook page.
  3. Post on Facebook tagging Wealth DynamX and @JerryFetta about how I have helped you so far and you believe Wealth DynamX University would be valuable.
  4. Subscribe to my YouTube
  5. Follow & subscribe to me on Instagram @jerryfetta

You must complete all 5 of these steps to qualify for consideration to win!

This program is $257/mo. normally. Let’s face it, you spend at least that on your car payment and your car doesn’t produce income!

You can apply by clicking here 

I will personally reach out to you upon seeing all of these tasks complete to let you know if you’ve been selected or not.


Own Your Potential,

Jerry Fetta

Jerry Fetta believes everyone has the God-given right to own their potential. Most of us don’t because we spend 40 hours per week serving the 40 year to life sentence, trading our precious time for worthless paper called money.

We live on an economic planet and time and money do need to be exchanged. But it doesn’t need to be your time or your money. Jerry teaches his clients to secure income producing assets that make the time and money exchange for you so you can buy your freedom back and live a life of abundance and prosperity. To get there we must know how to make money, how to keep it, and how to multiply it.

Jerry provides coaching, education, accountability, and community to help you build wealth.Join the Wealth DynamX coaching program, get educated on Wealth DynamX University, and begin networking with the Wealth DynamX Mastermind Group today.

To get started, go to

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