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Jerry Fetta – I Want to Give You $1300

I remember around the age of 16, I began to really care about success. I was in sports & bodybuilding at the time. I was sitting on the couch one night thinking: If only someone who was already rich and successful would come into my life and take me under their wing. I’d work hard and listen, I just wanted a little bit of help getting started. That person never did come. In fact, I struggled for the next 7 years as I tried to find my break. Because of that, I want to be that person for you.

Here is how to win:

Jerry Fetta is a husband, son of Yahweh, Entrepreneur and owner of 5 privately held businesses. Jerry lives in Alaska with his wife and 2 dogs. His no-nonsense approach to business, finances, and life speaks truth and provides clarity to his clients and followers. His personal mission in life is to empower millions of leaders to own their God-given, ultimate potential……