Jerry Fetta – Why You Must Go Big or Go Home

Go big or go home. I remember the first time I heard this. I was in basketball and I didn’t really understand exactly what this meant. I hesitate because I didn’t want to seem like a “show off” and I also was afraid of making mistakes. On the flip side, until the age of 16 or 17 I was mediocre at just about everything. On one hand, I was afraid of what other people thought and making mistakes. On the other, I was underperforming against my own potential as a consequence. It wasn’t until I began my career in bodybuilding that I finally understood why “go big or go home” was the only way to live. Click here if you’re trying to go big or go home and you’d like help unlocking your full capability. I have a coaching & training program that will allow you to do this.

1. The only opinion of you that matters is your own. When you are on your death bed, you will not be worrying about what others thought of you. You will be looking back at your own life and asking yourself if you lived up to your own expectation. If that is what is going to matter at the end, it needs to matter now. We’ve been falsely taught not to be proud of ourselves, not to attempt to great things, and if we do attempt great things, not to talk about it because others may think we are bragging. This thinking was taught by authoritarians who want control over you, embraced by the average and fearful, and passed on blindly from generation to generation. Go be great. You owe it to yourself.

2. You’re already going big you just aren’t doing it in the right areas. You are already putting your thought, emotion, effort, and energy on things right now and those things are not creating the life you desire. You change your operating basis due to the fact that the one you have is putting you in a place of risk and danger. It takes more effort for you to suppress yourself than it does for you to allow yourself to expand.

3. This must happen by immersion. The whole increments thing is wrong. And don’t bring up the “you can boil a frog by degrees” thing. That isn’t true either. The frog jumps out the moment the water is too hot. The way to boil a frog is to boil the water, put the frog in, and put a lid over the pot. Period. This is how you must handle taking ownership of your potential. Immerse yourself fully. Don’t try to take baby steps. Look where baby steps have gotten you. Success is done by making a decision followed by a full commitment.

I offer a coaching, training, and networking platform called Wealth DynamX University centered around helping you build passive income through assets so you can live a life of abundance and prosperity. This program is valued at over $40,000, not to mention the value of the results it will provide. Wealth DynamX University will help you set wealth goals & create a plan for wealth. You will then have regular one on one & group coaching calls, train daily on Cardone University, and begin networking to build a power community in our Mastermind of clients. This program costs less than your monthly car payment. All of the answers will be there waiting for you. All you have to do is show up, work hard, and listen. To learn more about Wealth DynamX Univerity, click here. If you’re ready to apply, click here.

Own Your Potential,

Jerry Fetta

Jerry Fetta believes everyone has the God-given right to own their potential. Most of us don’t because we spend 40 hours per week serving the 40 year to life sentence, trading our precious time for worthless paper called money.

We live on an economic planet and time and money do need to be exchanged. But it doesn’t need to be your time or your money. Jerry teaches his clients to secure income producing assets that make the time and money exchange for you so you can buy your freedom back and live a life of abundance and prosperity. To get there we must know how to make money, how to keep it, and how to multiply it.

Jerry provides coaching, education, accountability, and community to help you build wealth. Join the Wealth DynamX coaching program, get educated on Wealth DynamX University, and begin networking with the Wealth DynamX Mastermind Group today.

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