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Jeff Mendez & Grant Cardone

In this Show

Grant takes a ride with Jeff Mendez, who runs a business that was valued at $2-billion, with $60-million per month in reoccurring revenue—He’s only 39 years old.

“Real success comes from self determination, hard work, and having a vision.” – Jeff Mendez

Anyone who chooses to become successful can. People want to become successful, but when it comes down to doing what needs to be done, that’s where people fall short.

Jeff believes that everyone has the spark, but they have to recognize it to be able to get it out into the marketplace. Approximately 70% of your success is dependent on your self-confidence and self-determination. Only 5% is dependent on tactical, so you need to have a skill to become massively successful, but the mental is far more important.

People in his company work 108 days of actual knocking on doors to make sales, the rest of the year is spent preparing and building your team. And for them, it takes 7 no’s to get 1 yes. So you have to work hard and build value before you can get the wealth.

Confession: Jeff admits that he listened to some ‘experts’ he shouldn’t have as he was growing up. As Mark Twain defined an expert as, “an ordinary fellow from another town.”

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