Look, we all want to be happy at work. If your workplace is dull, it’s not because you don’t have a nap pod or an office barista. It’s because you’re losing. If you aren’t making sales, if you aren’t producing—you won’t be happy no matter what perks the company provides.

Depression is a normal response to failing. If you’re bored, you’re going
to be depressed.

Not producing is going to take away from your happiness. Having a hip office is a way to show how “comfortable” the place is. Sitting on a beanbag, having access to a keg, playing foosball, and having my dog sit under my desk is not going to make anybody more productive—I promise.

Do not choose a company to work for based on how comfortable the office is. Choose a company based on how much potential bonuses you can earn. You don’t want to take a salaried position with a limit on how much you can earn.

A trendy office sounds appealing, but having a cool office won’t make up for a small paycheck.

Only production will make you happy at work, regardless of the field. As an artist, you are happiest when you are creating and when you finish a new piece of art. As a doctor, you feel amazing when you truly help someone. As an automotive salesperson, you get the highest motivation from closing a major deal and sending a happy customer off in their new vehicle—plus the commission on top of that.

If you knew you could have hit quota but missed it by a mile, how do you make sense of that? Whatever the quota; finishing your artwork, helping a patient, selling a car. No matter the quota, your ability to see it through to completion will determine how happy you are in life—not a bean bag to slouch in when you should be producing.

The doctors don’t tell you this, but it’s not depression you suffer from—it’s mediocrity and it’s living below your potential. You are human and you are on planet Earth, you’re going to feel unhappy at times. Workers get unhappy when they operate below their capacity. Unlimited coffee isn’t going to change this.

You need skills.

You don’t need sympathy, and you certainly don’t need a hip office. Get rid of your boredom and unhappiness by solving problems, hustling, skilling up and getting busy. I promise you once you start winning you won’t be unhappy at work. It won’t matter if your office is not trendy. You can be happier in your drab cubicle by producing than the guy at the other company sipping Red Bull playing ping pong and wondering why his paycheck is never getting any bigger.

You need to skill up, get on Cardone University today. It’s the best path to a bigger paycheck. Start winning and start liking work again.

Be great,