I started my first two businesses with no money and focused on what I did have. I had ideas, creativity, courage, persistence, willingness, energy, and tenacity. I would trade those things for money any day and so will the marketplace. You see, everyone has ideas but then they think they need money to make the idea a reality. You do! So look around and see who has the money—go see them and get their money to fund your idea. I never feel sorry for anyone who is without money.

Bill Gates said, “If you are born poor it’s not your fault, if you stay broke it is your fault.”

There is more money on this planet than any other time in history. If you are short on money consider the possibility you are not exhibiting enough courage in the marketplace. “Been there done that.” If you aren’t exhibiting courage by calling on new clients, pitching yourself, and promoting your products it is because you are short on skills. It is proven that courage grows with skills. Simply put, courage is related to competence. That is why I created Cardone U so I could be with you to give you competence.

That is why I now deliver my live seminars to you so I can be with you 24/7 – 365 days of the year. My newest seminar, THE GREATEST SALES SECRET will give you the competence to keep a full pipeline and convert those deals you have been working into the money you deserve. I created a special page for my LinkedIn friends that gets you access for only $49 saving you $200. When your competence grows so will your courage and your money.

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Your friend in sales, business, and finance,

Grant Cardone