Is Your Staycation Secretly Killing Your Future?

Too many people go on “staycations” and waste money visiting things like decaying Aztec temples which are distant memories of empires long gone. I love to travel… to blow up my business. If you’re taking vacations to “relax” and “unplug”, you’re doing it all wrong.

While a vacation can feel like a relief, the point of getting away is to rejuvenate not just the body but also your purpose. I know I’ve been on vacations that took more energy than work itself.

How much golf can I really play? How much time do I need in the sun? People become vacation-starved because they believe “time off” is going to renew them. How many times have you come back from vacation and felt tired? I know I have. It’s more than a waste of time—you are spending money, not making money, and being unproductive. The truth is the only thing that is going to renew you is getting obsessed with your purpose.

Anyone who is completely obsessed with achieving their full potential and making a monster contribution to the world will naturally regenerate and create energy.

This is why you see so many successful people who do not see work as work. You need to surround yourself with these kinds of people. You need to be in places where other obsessed people gather.

Do you really want to expand your business? Let me tell you a little secret. Every year companies spend tens of thousands of dollars on incentive programs to motivate their teams or reward their top performers. Incentives typically come in the form of tickets to a big sporting event, gym memberships, Starbucks gift cards, bonuses and even vacations. The intention is to try and push people to do more, but I want you to start thinking of incentive benefits in a MUCH bigger way.

When you have your entire team working hard to earn a desirable reward, not only do you get the best productivity possible from the winner of the reward, you get a higher level of productivity from the whole team as they work toward the goal. What type of reward is capable of keeping the interest, enthusiasm and excitement needed to pump up the creativity and productivity of an employee? How can a manager or business owner choose wisely when it comes to incentivizing their entire team?

Here’s the key: the ideal incentive should not only reward past production, it should provide for better future production.

What better way to motivate your team than to shoot for the 10X Growth Con I’m putting on in Miami? I’ve partnered with the Diplomat Resort and Spa to create a memorable, game-changing 3-day experience with world-class entrepreneurs coming in from around the country, including Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington, internet magician Frank Kern, legendary motivator Les Brown, plus entrepreneurs Andy Frisella, Lewis Howes and more.

I created 10X Growth Con for all business owners, salespeople, and entrepreneurs, and tickets will make a great incentive to your employees this January and February. Not only will people get the benefit of a relaxing on the beach in Miami, they’ll also get to learn how to perform at higher levels for the future. After 3 days with me and the lineup of all-star speakers I’ve got booked they’ll return with a new sense of purpose.

I want companies to send great people and have them return even greater. It’s the ultimate win/win. Rewarding excellent performance isn’t only about tickets to a ball game or concert. Those things are fun but have no lasting value to your company. You really want to see your people get hungry and excited? Show them that you’re not only acknowledging their great work, but you’re also investing in their professional development. Give them the opportunity to hang out at 10X Growth Con in Miami to get the tools they need to perform at even higher targets.

All details and booking information can be found here.

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