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Is Your Sales Pipeline Broken?

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What does your pipeline represent to you? Income. An abundant pipeline will give you more security, more confidence, and more choices. Sales Pipeline needs two things.

1. Quantity

2. Quality

Most people have this flipped and go for quality first. This is wrong. You can’t be narrow; you need to throw a big net out. Don’t get focused on the perfect customer. If your pipeline is broken, you probably feel rejection. Your pipeline should be so full that losing a customer feels like a relief.

Indicators your pipeline is broken include feeling rejection, desperation, and you’re underperforming. 3 tips to fill your pipeline:

1. Identify ever source that can to feed your pipeline. This includes your powerbase and everyone you come into contact with.

2. Map out your plan to get to those contacts. You need to plan out your day!

3. Crank up the activity. Your inflow will depend on your outflow.