At the age of 25 when I watched a sales trainer, Jackie Cooper, I was so broke I had to borrow the three thousand dollars to buy the program. Jackie was an unbelievable story teller and he understood sales as well as anyone I had ever studied. I immersed myself in his strategies and learned everything I could from him. His material changed my sales career forever and even launched the career I have today. I remember having this inspirational-magical moment watching Jackie do his thing on the videos, “your life mission is to instruct, inspire and help others.”

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I was reminded of telling my mother, at the age of 16, “If I ever make it big I am going to help people.” Since then I have read hundreds of books, audio programs, and seminars with the desire to tap into my full potential and become the real deal.

I never want to give people advice on the stage and then fail at home. I have made a lifetime of self-improvement for myself so I could be the real deal.

How do you tell the difference between the real deal and the fraud? The real deal guys typically have a business or multiple businesses with employees. They are paying taxes, hiring people and running a business. They will always have specific strategies, tangible products and technologies that are measurable—not just inspiration.

Lots of people claim they have the secret sauce. Take a quick look behind the curtain and you may find their lives falling apart. I never wanted to be that guru that didn’t walk the walk, the one that was this expert on stage and someone else at home. Part of what has pushed me to make sure my companies are successful and continuing to grow is my disdain for the frauds.

And yes I am still woking on my own self-improvement. Three times a year I take time off and immerse myself in my own continued education. I have found something that has never let me down helping me to discover my full potential.

I want to be the real deal for YOU, and hope this helps.

Your friend in sales and business,

Grant Cardone