How often do you find yourself explaining what your company does to prospects?

THE TRUTH: If a child can’t read your business name and understand what you do, neither can the marketplace!

If there is a $1,132,125.23 piece of advice we can give it is – let your business say exactly what you in 3-5 words.

Broad, intriguing or vague – is not good.

Here’s an example so you can see the difference.

Let’s say we hypothetically sold a service that helped you “get six pack abs in six weeks”.

But our business name on Facebook, LinkedIn etc, advertising was “Eagle Coaching”…..

Can you see how the marketplace could easily get confused?

This is why so many businesses attract unqualified attention and wonder why the leads aren’t converting.

Some of the leads are only enquiring to find out what you do, not because they’re remotely interested in what you offer.

So what should we name the above business?

How about: “Get Six Pack Abs”.

Do you agree that would ensure most enquiries were genuine, highly qualified and likely to be interested the end product?.

Are you seeing the difference?

Maybe it’s time to change your business name so you attract qualified leads and speed up the sales process as there’s less explaining involved.

COMMENT BELOW if you’d like us to help you come up the perfect business name that tells the marketplace exactly what you do in 3-5 words and shifts your sales and marketing effectiveness overnight!

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