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Investing in Your Relationship

In this Show

This week on the G and E Show Grant and Elena Cardone talk about how there are many things you need to invest in, but there is no more important investment than in the one you sleep with. 3 Tips today to Invest in your relationship:

1.Weekly Planning Meeting: Meet once a week to reinforce the team. Go over goals, get on same page, and strategize together. It’s a way to consistently realign together, to get behind your brand as a couple, and talk about how you will represent each other in the upcoming week.

2.An acknowledgment a day keeps the arguments away: A few words of affirmation go a long way. Build up your spouse and seek to find good things to say about them.

3.Make a deposit: Don’t rest on your laurels. After you make a big deposit, have that big win, that big thing you’ve done—don’t think that you can stop working in the relationship. Keep stoking that fire and put more wood on it. Every day you are either making deposits or withdrawals. If you make too many withdrawals eventually you’ll have nothing. Your significant other needs you to make continual deposits into their emotional bank account.

50/50 is two broken people giving half. You want 100/100 which is 200%. Give at least an hour a day with your significant other and learn to make your relationship work because if your marriage rocks, that will boost you in your career.

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