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When you are a real estate investor, your priority is investing in markets where housing demand out-wins the supply. That’s just simple a economic principle. The day that you buy you can estimate the current rental housing demand vs supply, and even predict a few years ahead. However, think about this. What if you could invest in a market where you could predict the supply vs. demand for decades into the future?

The global population is forecasted to grow from 7.5 billion to 8.5 billion in the next twelve years. By 2050 we are expected to reach 9.7 billion, and 11.2 billion in 2100. (Source: Wikipedia) Meanwhile, in the last 40 years as the population continues to swell up, the planet has lost a third of its arable land. (Source: The Guardian)

“Agriculture is going to be the big thing in the next 20 years.”
-Jim Rogers, renowned Economist and Investor

For the last 3 years, I have been investing in agricultural real estate through this method:

  • Buying half-acre parcels individually titled to me (for <$25K each).
  • Cash flow producing investments from the annual crop harvest. While the young crops mature your cash flow starts.
  • Turnkey-managed by a trusted, highly professional team: crop growth, harvest, processing, and sale.
  • Have a team that adds value through professional agronomy and soil science.
  • Be environmentally responsible.
  • Increase labor conditions for the farmers.
  • The land I invested in has appreciated 13% per annum since I’ve owned it, in addition to the cash flows.
  • Tour your exact parcels.
  • Using transparent, visible, and communicative providers.

(I cannot legally “endorse” this investment. This is merely my experience.)

You can learn more by grabbing the provider’s great free Coffee Farm Investing Report and / or Cacao Farm Investing Report. The provider offers parcels that produce high-grade specialty coffee in Panama, and fine flavored high-grade cacao in Belize. Back in 2015, I toured my own coffee parcels and have just recently returned from a trip to Belize where I toured the cacao parcels. If you want to know more about my cacao trip with the company Founder on a recent GRE podcast.

Even though residential turnkey real estate investing is my favorite, agricultural real estate has:

  • Predictable cash flows.
  • No tenant vacancy.
  • No tenant damage to units. Trees show up everyday, they’re quiet, and they know what to do – grow!
  • Low market risk.
  • Appreciation potential.
  • A low cost of entry for investors at <$25K per half-acre parcel.
  • Either invest with cash, or Americans are often eligible to use IRA funds.

I have actually drank coffee from the beans that grow from my very own cash-flowing coffee tree parcels. It feels amazing, and you could do that too.

Do you want to know how big are the projected cash flows and the risks? Learn more by grabbing the colorful provider reports about receiving cash flow from agriculture:

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