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What happens when someone hits your website? Is there a plan in place? If not, you are leaving money on the table. Every person that goes to your website is looking for something. Are you following up? There are 3 main things you need in your internet response strategy—predictability, consistency, and process.

What are the benefits of having a process to follow up? It gives predictability. You know there’s a path. Do you think you are just going to know what to do? You aren’t. You don’t know and your team doesn’t know. A path, a process, steps—these things cause predictability. They make me comfortable.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5… you and I know what’s coming next without explanation. Get it?

If you got a package in the mail and there aren’t steps in it, you wouldn’t know what to do. If it’s a mystery, I don’t want a part of it. Or they send you the instructions and you can’t read them. When people don’t have a path, they just want to send the package back and not deal with it.

This is what salespeople do. “These leads suck.” And the next thing you know, days pass before they follow anybody up. You and your team need certainty about the number of times you will follow up.

A well laid out follow-up process is going to give you consistency.

You need to do the same things over and over. Consistency is vital for you getting results. If you’re doing something different every time you go out on the field, you’ll never win because you’re never going to have the certainty of what works and what doesn’t work. This is going to give you clues about what your clients like and don’t like, what they are complaining about, and what gives you more business.

When is that first contact? It should be the same time every time no matter what.

You get a hit on your website—BOOM—if you want to go automated then go automated every time and make sure it’s done at the same time, every time. Maybe it’s 12 seconds, maybe it’s 5 minutes. Just get consistent, but remember instant is always better. That way you can find out where your follow-up program needs to be modernized, modified, and where it needs to accommodate your buyer. Consistency will find out if you are getting more business, if your prospects like it, and figure out for you what is working.

Process allows you to scale.

It allows you to start hiring people and laying out the book and saying this is what we do. It also allows you to scale in other spaces. I can give that book to other people and tell them this is how we follow up. That becomes valuable when you start crossing time zones. When you get your process on the web people can hit you from California or Miami or Hong Kong in the same moment. I can literally hire people in different time zones, give them my process, and say to them when this lead hits in your space, this is what we do. It allows you to scale.

Take the time to build a process for you and your business and your expansion. Twenty-two million out of 28-million small businesses in America have no employees. They haven’t scaled. They didn’t grow, they didn’t get big. They take small business to a whole new level. You don’t grow your business because you don’t scale it—and that’s because you haven’t written out what the processes are. A specific process in writing that you can deliver to other people creates consistency, credibility, confidence and growth. Figure out your process. You need the process to create consistency and predictability.

Once you get predictability, consistency, and process with your internet response, you will start converting more leads.

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What’s your biggest hurdle for website business growth?

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