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How to Make Income First

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Grant Cardone offers insights and advice to help the middle class break out and achieve true freedom in business, career and finance. Each week NY Times best selling author, self made multimillionaire entrepreneur and international sales expert Grant Cardone focuses on matters affecting the middle class. Whether it’s jobs and careers, finance, entrepreneurship, Grant’s real, raw in-your-face delivery serves as a wake up call for anyone ok with just being comfortable. The Cardone Zone is like no other business show presently on air. After one viewing you’ll be inspired to make success your duty, responsibility and obligation as you break free of the middle class and break into true freedom.

This week Grant is talking about money, finances, and how you can simplify them to a digestible amount.

If you’re stuck at a crossroads you’re stuck at a maybe—you need to make a decision. You need to go as fast as you can in one direction, and if it’s wrong, adjust your path.

Simplify everything.

Your Finances:
1. Income – How much came in?
2. Expenses – How much went out?
3. Net – How much do we have left?

“You’re kept from your genius and your potential because you’re overcomplicating everything.” – GC

The first thing you have to do is make a lot of money. Your parents taught you about expenses—use coupons, get discounts—and it’s a waste of time. You need a financial statement, a plan to make money.

Business is supposed to be fun—and it ain’t fun when you’re broke. You need to focus on the top part of your financial statement; the income. Get as many flows in as you can and immediately push that back out to build more sources of income.

“Until you identify the right problem you will not be able to overcome it.” – GC

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