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Map your own Plan: Make it Tangible and Real


Mapping the customer’s journey is a great way to make sure you are reaching them, engaging them, and following up the way you should be.


But maps don’t have to be just about the final customer. If maps make strategy more tangible and real for customers, then they do for you too.


By mapping your internal plan, you will have a much more clear idea of what you need to do. You’ll identify the gaps so you can fill them. You’ll set times and deliverables so that you get things done on time, every time.


What sorts of internal plans can you map?


How about your marketing plan?

Map who works on what, where you post, what you post, when you post.


How about your deliverables?

Who needs to work on what? Then who do they pass it to? Who checks quality assurance? Map out the entire flow and make sure you include dates and times.


Maybe you need to map human resources?

God forbid a problem happens at work. But it does happen occasionally. Map your human resource response and escalation plan to make sure your employees get the prompt attention they need.


Don’t forget hiring strategy.

Your team makes or breaks you. Your hiring strategy better be great to make sure you are communicating your unique brand and vision to the right people. Map out the process and make sure you are getting the people you need in an efficient and organized way.


Journey maps can, and should, be a regular part of your company, regardless of your industry. Everyone can benefit from clarity, tangible strategy, and efficiency.


We’ve presented many times about how to design your products, services, and strategy. And we’ve found that five minutes of planning with user journey maps is more beneficial and powerful than an hour of design talk. Why? Because it’s a tangible and doable first step.


How can you improve your company, products, services, and strategy with journey maps?



  1. Mapping internal processes and strategy makes them much more realistic.
  2. Mapping can be used for anything from marketing to human resources.
  3. Journey mapping is useful for any company in any industry.
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