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How to Impress You – The G&E Show

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I expect great things from you this year. Most people will give up on their goals by February 15th. That’s not going to be you. This is your year to break out. You’re going to become great. There are no excuses. No moaning. No groaning. No barriers and no obstacles.

You need to impress yourself, not your mom and dad, your banker, or associates. Everybody has a different game. What can you put on your calendar this year that would impress you? If everyone was singularly focused on doing what they can to impress themselves, they’d be paid so much money and wouldn’t have time for wars, drugs, and violence.

I’m always looking for ways to impress myself. I came from a town where there’s no Rolls Royce in town. I didn’t buy the car to impress you. I love that car. It impresses me. People have streamed 119 years of video footage on YouTube. The 10X Rule was one of the top ten audio downloads. These are things that impress me.

Make a list of things that will impress you in five to ten years.

Apply pressure to your targets. If you’re bleeding out, what do you do? You apply pressure to stop the blood from flowing. Get comfortable living in the pressure cooker. I’m not interested in activity. I’m interested in results.

What do you do when you don’t impress yourself? I don’t care about yesterday—the good the bad. Impress means to make a note or mark by seal or stamp. Apply with pressure. Even if you don’t hit your targets, keep writing them down. A lot of people don’t have the discipline to write down their goals every day. That’s the one action that you can take to keep thinking about what you want to make happen.