“I’m Not Buying Today”

How often has a customer told you, “I’m not buying today”? This is what I call a complaint, but too often salespeople take this as an objection and lose the sale. Customers use this as a way to protect themselves from bad salespeople. Other complaints include the following: “I’m just looking”, “I only have 10 minutes”, “I’m looking for someone else”, “You’re wasting your time with me”, “Let me see your manager”, “We’re not buying until…” and the list goes on.

The trick is not to handle these like objections, but as complaints that can lead you to the real objection. These are automatic and don’t mean that they aren’t buyers, so never let these things affect your attitude.

The trick is to always agree with them. It’s better to surrender here and close later. Know what you are going to hear before they even say these things. This takes preparation. If you don’t know what to expect you will get surprised and won’t be able to handle it. Don’t be caught off-guard. If your customer says they aren’t buying today, here are some possible ways to handle that.

“I’m Not Buying Today”

#1—”Sir, that’s my fault not yours. I take full responsibility for your decision, follow me.”

#2—“You always have the right to change your mind. Follow me.”

#3—“If you were going to buy, let me give you some ideas on what it would cost today so at least you’ll have some information.”

#4—“No problem, let’s see what I can do for you anyway.”

#5—“Come on in anyway, even if you’re not making a decision today, because you still need an idea of cost.”

#6—“Under the right circumstances, you won’t have to wait. Follow me.”

#7—“Don’t make a decision today, let’s get you some information so you know your options.”

#8—“I understand, let’s get you some information so you don’t spend any more of your valuable time doing this.”

There are many more possible responses, and you should pick and choose what to say depending on your customer and your sales context. The point I want you to remember is that the customer who tells you “I’m not buying today” most certainly would buy should you present the right product to him or her and sell the value of it.

I’ve sold many customers who told me they weren’t buying that day.

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