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I’m Living The Dream

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Who cares if you are living a dream, man—You need to wake up!

Grant Cardone: I’m living the dream. I’m living the dream. Oh I’m living the dream, Grant! OK, really, really? You are living the dream. How many people say “I’m living the dream”? All these people that say this can’t be living the dream. I’ve heard this too many times from too many people.

Do you know what I think this means? I think this means, “I don’t have goals and I compare myself to others that have less than me.” And because I compare myself to others that have less than me, that have not done what I’ve done, I think I’m living a dream. Who cares if you are living a dream, man—wake up! You need to wake up baby. If you are living a dream, wake up! What are you doing living a dream. I’m living for my potential, ok, I’m trying to create my potential. If you are living the dream and you are saying you are living the dream, understand that you are now focus on something that already happened. “I’m living the dream” means, I made it already. Who cares if you made it. What you do tomorrow, what you do thirty minutes from now, what you do when this is over is more important than what you did.

You can’t run around the whole world saying “I did this and I did this” (3x), so what? it’s already done. What are you going to do next? The person that says “I’m living the dream” is comparing themselves to others that have less and something they already done. It’s not a dream you want to live, folks. It’s a reality you want to create. I’m creating the reality I’ve dreamed of. The goals that I write twice a day, that’s what I’m creating today, because nobody cares what you did yesterday. Not them and certainly not you.