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I’ll Do It When I Get To It

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I’ll do it when i get to it. Look, if someone says this to me that works for me, I’ll fired them right there on the spot and cut their heads off.

Grant Cardone: “I’ll do it when i get to it,” heard that one lately? I’ll do it when i get to it. Look, if someone says this to me that works for me, I’ll fired them right there on the spot and cut their heads off right there in public. I want everybody to see this, what did you just said to me? I’ll do it when I get to it. You know what that person really said to you? or maybe what you said to yourself when you say this “I’ll get to it when I get to it.” This might not be something you admit to the world, but something you think to yourself.

If someone that works for you, somebody that works for your department, your division, says “I’ll do it when I get to it” understand they are saying “I ain’t getting to this, dawg. It ain’t gonna happen, I’m overwhelm. This is not a priority.” I’ll get to it when I get to it, really means, I’m never getting to this, it ain’t going to happen, it’s not a priority, I have no focus on it, I have no attention, it is not a priority for me like it is for you.” knock it off, okay. Everything needs to be a priority, everything needs to be urgent now. you can’t get overwhelm. The way to get more done it’s to get more done. Take on more project.

Say “I can do more, because I just do more.” I don’t wait and push it off. I do this now, add something, do that. I don’t put it off and i don’t get overwhelm. Even if i get overwhelm, I’m never going to tell somebody I’m overwhelm and i might never tell somebody “I’ll get ti it when I get to it.” Give it to me, gives me the project. When do you want it back? tomorrow? I’ll get it done. If you can’t get it done, I’ll get it done! I’ll will never say “I’m overwhelm.” I will never say “there is no way, it’s impossible.” Who wants to hear that? You say what? you say “hey, leave it with me. I’ll get it handle before you need it done. I’m your go to guy or gal. You can depend on me” and then get busy and you become more valuable. Don’t be overwhelm, don’t give excuses and know this, you’ll make time when you make a commitment.”

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