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I Just Want To Be Comfortable

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The entire middle class in this great country we live in is settling for comfort when they can have freedom. Has anybody ever said to you? “I just want to be comfortable, I just want to be ok, I just want to be happy.” Look, what they are really saying is “a life with me will be long and miserable. It will be boring, there won’t be an adventure here, we are not going to get anything done, no, I just want to be comfortable.” Should ring in your ears and in your mind “a long miserable, dull, boring life.” Folks, you don’t want to be comfortable.

The entire middle class in this great country we live in is settling for comfort when they can have freedom. When you say to yourself, your parents say to you, maybe your parents entails this into you, maybe it was your teacher that said to you “just be comfortable, just be happy, just get enough.” Most people in this country they are falling into poverty were in comfort yesterday.

You don’t want to be comfortable, you want to be free, you want to have an adventurist life. When your friends around you, your partner, your spouse, when your kids are staring to talk about comfort say “hey! knock it off, man. Knock it off, young man. Knock it off, young lady. No, no, we want freedom, I don’t want comfort. I want security, I want prosperity and abundance. I don’t want comfort.” comfort is the prisoner of the freedom you deserve.

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