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Hustling 101

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For the 101st episode, Jarrod talks about Hustling 101 and discusses his three fundamentals to hustling:
1. Success is hard
2. Find the right vehicle to pour your horsepower in to.
3. Develop skills that you can use

Creating a life that you always dreamed of could be the hardest thing you ever do, but achieving your goal and doing so earlier in life is worth the extra hustle.

Jarrod also shares his list of practices he ALWAYS exercises that keep his head in the game:
1. Show-up early
2. Stay late
3. Agree with customer
4. Go for production over perfection
5. Learn and grow
6. Stay focused on goals
7. Use two forms of communication
8. Have a great attitude
9. Surround yourself with people who keep you up
10. Be will to do what it takes to be the best

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