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My Best Advice on How to Get Your Money Right – Cardone Zone

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You’re told to save money. Why? You don’t make enough money to begin with! The majority of all Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. The unemployment rate is at 4% but people are still broke. There are no shortages of money on this planet so why is this happening to the majority of people? Don’t worry about what happened last year. This is your year to turn it around and get your money right! We are in a new economy. Debt should not be your priority right now. You need to get close to people who have money. I talked about this in the “Millionaire Booklet.” You have to close the distance between you and money. That means getting around people that have your money. If you’re a waitress, don’t hang in the kitchen with the cooks. Stay at the table with the money. If you work at Best Buy, don’t talk to your other broke buddies. Get in front of customers that have the money to buy from you.If knowledge is power and you don’t have money, you have the wrong knowledge—wrong financial data. Here’s my advice on how to get your money right this year: #1 Get Money You need to earn more money. If you’re in debt right now, forget about it. That’s last year’s news. Focus on how you can earn more money. If you only have 10K, take that money and invest it back into you. Look for ways to increase your income. Don’t save it! That’s a crazy idea. Your mommy or daddy probably told you to do that. How do companies get bigger? They don’t save money. They blow out to blow up by investing everything in an expansion. #2 Keep Money Keep the dough. That doesn’t mean giving it to Wall Street or buying a house. It means never losing the dough that you collect. This is not the time to start asking investment questions. Accumulate 100K first. Prove to yourself that you can make and keep money. #3 Use Money Multiply your money. Buy hard assets like real estate that produce cash flow. Cash flow is the holy grail of investing. Check out

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