How to Win on LinkedIn

Let’s face it, LinkedIn is not as fun as Instagram or SnapChat, but you can’t ignore it because it’s still the best platform for you to network professionally. They opened its publishing platform to everyone a couple of years ago and now there are over a million people using LinkedIn to write articles, with over 130,000 posts published weekly. Last month (February) I had my highest viewed month I’ve ever had and it was done in a month with just 28 days. How did I do it? How can YOU do it?

I try and give people 4 things when I write an article. Shoot for 1 of these 4, but an article can contain more than just one of these purposes:

1. Entertainment

People want to get entertained, even if they are on the “professional” LinkedIn platform. Sure, SnapChat or YouTube may seem like the place to be silly and entertain—and it is—but you want to be entertaining on LinkedIn as well. Nobody wants to read boring, anywhere. People just want to laugh, see something amazing or shocking, and feel good for a few minutes. It’s the same reason why people watch TV, go out for a night on the town, or get on Facebook. LinkedIn is not immune to this innate desire to have fun. If you want people to see your articles, you will need to figure out how to entertain people.

2. Educational

Many people go to LinkedIn to learn. It is, after all, a professional network. You can read insights in just about any industry out there and get caught up on things. Whatever you are an expert in, you need to be educating others about it. “How to” articles are great. People don’t just want to learn; they want to know how to do something so they can duplicate it. I like to put up a lot of instructional articles for people because I know they are helpful.

3. Motivational

People need motivation. They like to be motivated. Start pushing people into doing some action. I’ve always been big into motivating myself and motivating those around me. I created a best-selling program called 100 Ways to Stay Motivated, and many of my articles have a motivational purpose. If you can motivate people, they will follow you.

4. Promotional

You can promote yourself and your products and I do plenty of that—if you are ashamed to promote than why are you selling anything? Don’t listen to anyone who says you shouldn’t push your products or services. If you believe in what you sell, you need to promote. I’ve sold many things through my LinkedIn articles. You need to write about what you sell!

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