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How to Use Youtube to Grow Your Business

In this Show

Grant Cardone Sales Expert and YouTube partner shares How to strategies for Using YouTube To Grow Your Business.

Cardone had 38,000 views just yesterday, 500,000 views in the last 30 days so he knows what he is talking about with 7.5 million total views Cardone shares how he has used YouTube to grow his own business. Giving example of how you can grow your YouTube following to expand your business significantly.

Grant discusses the different types of categories of content a business must satisfy:
Promotional, Educational, Entertainment, Instructional, Motivational.

Grant also shares details about his early start on YouTube and how he built his channel to the following it has today. He also offers clear examples of how YouTube introduced him to people worldwide leading to business growth and expansion. The day before this show aired Grant’s You Tube had 35,000+ views and 200,000 minutes viewed. According to Grant businesses who are not posting videos on You Tube are missing out.

Grant and Jarrod also share some key YouTube Stats:
4 Billion Views Per Day

Monthly visits by demographic includes:
49% baby boomers
58% gen X
70% gen Y
83% gen Z

One piece of advice is to think quantity not quality, offer variety, be dependable and have longevity.

According to Forbes, 87% of Chief Marketing Officers said content marketing initiatives exceed return on investment expectations.

If you business is not taking advantage of YouTube it should be and Grant explains why. He offers the example of what Real Estate professionals should be doing on You Tube. He explains money follows attention and You Tube is a great tool to gain more eyes given the average person watches 4 videos per day.

Celebrities, notable people and businesses mentioned in this episode include: Justin Bieber, Orlando Bloom, Tom Hopkins, Jeffrey Gitomer, Gary Vaynerchuck, Whatever it Takes Digital Network

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