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How to tell Your Partner They’re Fat

In this Show

On today’s episode Elena and Grant ask: How do you tell your significant other that they need to lose weight? How do you even bring up the topic? Elena and Grant have different opinions on how best to discuss this. Their banter is hilarious and truly unique. Elena is currently getting in shape for the 10X Seminar in Riviera Maya Mexico (June 22-27, 2014), where she will be joining Grant for 5 days of vacation and seminar activities. She wants to look great and feel great in a swimsuit and feels a significant other should encourage a healthy weight and never use the word “fat” with women. Grant thinks a direct approach is always best and asks why people dance around important issues instead of just being truthful. Both offer excellent personal tips on how couples can help each other get in shape and stay in shape. Tune in to get the tips and other helpful insights couples can use to better their lives.

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