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How to Survive a Recession Young Hustlers

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Today’s Young Hustler’s is all about surviving a recession. Four things to remember:

#1 Have Discipline—It’s easy to watch Netflix all day when you’re under stay-at-home orders, but those who will succeed in the “corona” economy will have discipline to get things done—even at home.

#2 New Game, New Rules—The old way of doing things isn ’t going to work over the next 60 days. You need to start operating under a new set of rules because the world has changed.

#3 Say no to “Best Practices and yes to “Only Practices”—If you do something once, it’s worth doing every day. Tighten your schedule and leave out every unnecessary thing and double down on what will bring you additional revenue now.

#4 Attitude, Skills and Tactics—Your income is depending on these 3 pillars. Don’t be negative despite your surroundings—get your mind right. Up your skills because when the economy is good anybody can sell, but now the tide is going out and we’ll see who was swimming naked.

If you want tactics on how to get through this economic crisis, register for Grant’s my free web event tmrw evening at

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