How to Stay Motivated

How to Stay Motivated

Grant Cardone delivered this on June 8th, 2915 in a live stream over Meerkat and Periscope.

You need to be motivated.

The word ‘motive’ comes from the 15th century, originally meaning move. You need to move and get into action.

1) Write goals daily
2) Exercise
3) Use a daily planner and keep no white space
4) Make a list of YOUR good habits. Then reinforce them until you starve the bad habits. Use discipline to avoid those things that don’t build self-esteem.
5) Commit resources to your dreams. Follow up with money. If you don’t have skin (money, energy, resources) invested nothing will happen.
6) Measure by the numbers. Use money as a measurement. If you are broke you aren’t motivated. Money is the universal measurement and all activities require it.

• How to stay on track
• How to find it when you can’t
• Visualize and be creative

Sparking Creativity:
• Creativity follows commitment. Being short on creativity always means a shortage on commitment.

Creativity Killers:
• Spending too much time in how it can’t be done. That is only an indication of no commitment to getting it done.
Self Talk:
• What if everything you said or thought came true? Discipline yourself from saying anything negative to yourself.

Don’t say:
I am such a loser
Life is hard
Life is short
Money won’t make me happy
I can’t have success
I am not lucky
I can never win
Relationships are hard

If you feel like you are burning out you are off purpose.

You can’t burn out cause you ain’t a candle, you are a spiritual being.


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