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How to Spend Money to Guarantee Wealth – Cardone Zone

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Wealthy, Rich, or Poor? –Cardone Zone

Rich is waiting to get wealthy, or it’s waiting to be poor. It’s purgatory. Rich is maybe land. You don’t want to be rich, you want to be wealthy. Rich people spend, wealthy people invest. What are you spending your money on?

The Rich Buy:
Gucci Bags
VIP/ Popping Bottles

The Wealthy Buy:

Analyze today how you’re spending your money, and consider this: do you want to be merely rich, or do you want indestructible wealth?

The 5-Point Scale to Spend Money On:

#1 Need to live (basic needs)
#2 100% chance of making money
#3 Possible chance of making money
#4 Maybe need it
#5 Zero need

I spend my money on the top 3!

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