How to Solve Any Problem | Grant Cardone TV
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How to Solve Any Problem

In this Show

Entrepreneur and NY Times bestselling author Grant Cardone and wife Elena Cardone, offer 3 steps to solve every problem on the G and E Show.

Problems arise in any relationship. Life gets complicated but with three simple questions one can come to conclusions faster so they can solve problems. Grant believes when things are too easy to be on alert because trouble is on the way. He also explains that too many people talk about what they would like to do or what they want out of life but few actually take steps to make anything worthwhile happen.

Recently Grant interviewed Larry Winget, motivator and best selling author who offered Grant these 3 steps to solve problems and inspire action.

1. Determine where you are presently.
2. Determine where you want to be.
3. Determine what you are willing to give up to get there.

Grant and Elena apply these three steps to matters regarding their girls schooling and Grant and Elena’s bike rides along the boardwalk on Miami Beach. The couple also takes callers which leads to more good advice and fun banter.