How to see 10 years into your future

How would you like to see 10 years into your future? If you’re 30 now, what will you be at 40? If you’re 50, what will you be at 60? Some people read their horoscopes or spend $20 for a tarot card reading, but I have a much easier and more accurate way to predict your future. It has nothing to do with the stars or a crystal ball—but I’m willing to bet its accuracy against any other method. Are you ready to see 10 years into your future?

You can guess how much someone will advance in life by how much action they take. You can retreat, you can move forward with “normal” actions, or you can take massive actions. Most of society operates under normal levels of action. This is because most of society conforms. It takes courage to go overboard and do things at massive levels. The definition of conform is, “to comply with rules, standards, or laws; to behave according to socially acceptable conventions or standards.” Sounds like a death sentence to me.

The masses conform to what’s called “normal”—and their future is rather easy to predict. A normal guy, working a normal job, taking normal levels of actions, will not be a millionaire. I can predict that. I can also predict massive success for those that don’t conform, but take massive levels of actions. Anyone who is taking massive actions—and continues to do so—will have an entirely different life 10 years from now.

If you want to be a baller a decade from now, that depends on what you start doing today. The economy you have is only limited by the amount of unreasonable action you take to create it. This is why you need to develop the tendency and even preference to be completely unreasonable. Those who remain sensible become victims of economic swings and competition, while those who act irrationally will expand, conquer and grab market share.

It’s a shame to see so many people doing only what is necessary to survive. I have met thousands of extremely successful people, none of whom ever claimed that their success came easily to them. They all share the common purpose of making their dreams and goals a reality and many of them did not truly experience their brilliance until they realized that the fulfillment of their dreams required them to act unreasonably.

This is why if you want your life to be something drastically different 10 years from now than it is right now, you must no longer conform to the masses. Break the rules and stretch boundaries. In fact, don’t break the rules, make a whole new set of rules. Think in terms of expansion and be willing to try anything, even break agreed upon norms in order to move toward getting your big break.

The people who will have gone from middle class or poverty (basically the same thing) in 2017 to super wealthy in 2027 will be the rule breakers, the noisemakers, the attention getters—the unreasonable ones. Unlike what Frank Sinatra claims in his song “Regrets,” most people will have many regrets in their lifetime—not just a few. I expect that a fair amount of individuals will look back and wish they had done more—not less—and really gone after their dreams with more energy, tenacity and an unreasonable level of effort.

Here’s your crystal ball: shift into a level of operation where you throw away much of your social upbringing and training, and do things that set you apart from the economy as a whole—and you will become successful.

If the Founding Fathers of the United States conformed to the social norms of England, they would have ended up in prison instead of building a new country.

Social means, “marked by or passed in pleasant companionship with one’s friends or associates.” While a norm is defined as, “a principle of right action binding upon the members of a group and serving to guide, control, or regulate proper and acceptable behavior.” Put together, you have social-norm—one of the major reasons people elect not to take the actions necessary to create the life they want.

Of course, you want to avoid anything that will get you into trouble or hurt other people. But barring those scenarios, think about some of the rules you blindly follow – and what might be different if you didn’t. Those who are able to utilize the childlike ability to disagree; go against the tide, and act illogically will be ensured success despite economic conditions.

Your future doesn’t depend on luck. Your future depends on following what I call The 10X Rule. Don’t be normal—do something that people who go overboard do—get on a plane and come down for Miami for 3 days for the 10X Growth Conference. The masses will not do this because it’s too much of a commitment for them. In truth, they are committed to normal and aren’t looking to become millionaires.

Your future depends on this. A decade from now, you can be a baller, or your financial situation will be similar to what it is now—or worse.

Get your ticket now.

Be great,


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