How to Rip Off the IRS

… legally.

Your Uncle G is going to tell you about your Uncle Sam. You’re getting ripped off by him—he is stealing from you and giving it to the Federal government who then wastes it. He’s the uncle you have that only comes around when he wants something from you. You don’t even give your other uncles presents on their birthday, so why would you ever be giving this dirt bag anything? Rather than getting ripped off, you need to rip off your Uncle Sam—legally.

Here are 3 ways to do so:

1. Don’t Be Getting Refunds—Refunds are an indication that you’re an idiot. Refunds indicate you are overpaying Uncle Sam. If you are getting refunds you aren’t paying attention. Just put a big sign on your head that says, “I don’t pay attention to my money”. Stop overpaying the IRS. You don’t want refunds—it’s not good news. It only means that you paid way too much and are clueless. If you don’t know what you’re doing with money don’t expect to get rich.

2. Take Your Exemptions—Every person should be taking 9 exemptions. I’m not an accountant, but I have an accounting degree. It’s easy to take exemptions. Do you even know the 9 exemptions? If not, you are ignorant of basic ways to reduce your expenses. You should be writing off anything and everything you can legally. Why leave money on the table for your dirty Uncle Sam to take and waste?

3. Know the Law for Expenses—The reason most people don’t rip the IRS off is because they don’t even know the laws. I do nothing illegal, I just use to my advantage what is written in the law. Everyone should be involved in a networking marketing business and designated a room in your house for it and write off a portion of your rent. I can spend $200 to start a networking marketing business and write off computers, I can lease a car and write off thousands a year. If they write a law, someone decided on that law. Usually, it’s rich people that write the laws. Why did they write what they did? THINK. Start thinking like a RICH person.

If you make $45,000 a year in gross income, let’s face it, the IRS has no interest in you. They are interested in people that make $45,000 a month. I left California due to this. I was tired of them stealing from me. For the $45,000 a year earner, do you know that you are paying over $7,000 a year in federal taxes? You never even see it because they steal it straight from your paycheck.

The IRS doesn’t trust you, that’s why your money gets taken before it even gets to you. Your employer writes a check, and the money immediately gets diverted to the IRS. I’ve been audited 4 times, and I won 3 times. The other time I gave them what I owed them. I’m ethical, but I make mistakes—and I correct them.

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