How to Reach More People

Are you hitting your sales goals?

This episode showcases Steve, a marketing manager, in action at Grant Cardone’s The Boiler Room.

As a top salesperson you must know how to:
• Get past the gatekeeper
• Prospect cold, warm and hot leads
• Use the phone to maximize your potential
• How to handle follow-up until you close the sale

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About The Boiler Room: World’s top sales trainer Grant Cardone puts new and seasoned salespeople through crushing sales challenges at his headquarters in Miami Beach, “The Boiler Room”, to determine which of them has whatever it takes to reach their true potential in sales.

The Boiler Room is Grant Cardone’s kingdom. He doesn’t care about your sexual preference, he doesn’t care about your criminal record, and he doesn’t care about what you did or what you will do. All he cares about is your ability to hustle.

All business. No bullshit.

The Boiler Room changes lives.

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