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How to Prospect Like a Pro

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Prospecting is the most underestimated skill in sales. People beat their chests about being the best closer, but the truth is, if you’re a great prospector you’ll be the most valuable salesperson in your organization. There are certain categories of prospects—who are you chasing? You need to figure out who your ideal customer is. Different types of prospectors are discussed in this show, including cold, targeted cold, warm, and hot. These are people that will have drastically different levels of interest in your product. This makes each of these calls a little bit different. You need a plan of attack for each. Here are 4 simple steps to become a great prospector:

1. Figure out the problem you solve
2. Build your script based on the person you’re contacting
3. Determine your process or cadence that’s the same with every customer
4. Take massive action using all methods to contact customers.

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