How to Pitch Over and Over Again

People who know me know that I pitch my products constantly. Some have asked me, “How do you keep pitching over and over and over again?” Many people pitch their products, but very few pitch them frequently over time periods long enough to make much of an impact. The reason for this is because they simply aren’t excited about what they’re selling and aren’t sold themselves on the deal they’re offering. How do I keep pitching over and over again? There are two answers to that question.

1. Authentic Message—First off, you have to be producing a lot of content in order to be releasing new products all of the time to keep your pitch fresh. The way to produce a lot of content is to go into your authentic self. Don’t copy people. You can’t copy people and produce as much content. When you copy you can’t create. Authors, experts, coaches—whatever you are—grab stuff you can emulate, but you have to figure out how to use the material in your own life.

Tell the story that will be authentic to you. When you use somebody, give them credit. You’ll hear me give credit all the time when quoting others, your audience will appreciate that more. It’s impossible to copy and create something original at the same time. You want to be bringing new ideas and new content that is authentic to you. Be authentic and your pitch will be authentic. When you see me pitch it’s just me being me.

2. Build the Offer to Sell—I keep making offers that are ridiculous. I tell my office constantly it needs to be so compelling that I stay excited Saturday morning, Saturday night, Sunday morning, Sunday afternoon, Sunday night, Monday morning—where I don’t mind telling people over and over again about the deal because I’m thinking about how great it is. The offer has to be so good that you’re sold on telling people over and over. Make it so good that people will stop whatever it is they are doing to go and buy it right at that moment. You have to stop what you’re doing to promote it and you have to stop the audience with what they’re doing to take advantage of the offer.

The offer is not for the audience, it’s for you.

It needs to be so good that you want to scream from the roof tops. You need to stay interested in it. Make the offer so ridiculous that you are willing to tell people about it over and over again. If people don’t like me pitching and promoting, it’s because they don’t pitch and promote.

I’m obsessed—and you need to become obsessed too in order to pitch and promote at the right levels.

I have an example of this with my new book Be Obsessed or Be Average. It’s not coming out until October 11th, but I know many people want the book now. It’s been #1 on Amazon New Releases in Entrepreneurship, Small Business, Leadership and Management and has remained in the Top 10 for a month… and it’s not even out yet. To solve the problem, I made a deal where people could go to buy the book and I gave them access to the book that day by getting access to a video series I did of the book. In addition, I’ve been giving all the proceeds I receive from these book sales to the charity Drug Free America, so people are also helping a great cause. You can still buy the video series here.

If you bought from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or another bookseller outside of, write a review for the book once you read it and send that review along with your receipt to and get a coupon to my store good for any digital product worth the amount you paid for the book.

How insane is this? Nobody does this, and this why you will continue to hear me pitch this book. The deal is so good I’m basically giving you your money back for the amount you paid for the book in return for digital products in my store.


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