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By Robert Syslo Jr


Facebook and all social advertising used to seem as an uninhabitable wasteland of terms and knowledge that was hard to get.  It really isn’t, its actually quite simple, of course how you use the tool dictates its effectiveness. In selecting and audience for Facebook Advertising you have to think on many levels, I will not get into the technical details of Business Manager on the backend, but rather focus on the selection.  Selecting the audience should come about from a gathering of data and information, not generic blanketed advertising. This is what separates good marketers, average social media marketers to the greats.


I did a video on my Youtube Channel talking about this, it is very abbreviated but shows a few points that I did not discuss in this article here:


Get on the Level

If you think for a moment about all the people you encounter on a day to day basis then, get on the level applies to what I am going to speak about.  Think about the angry man, the happy man, the conservative man, the guy whose life is a comedy, these are all levels. People live their lives like this some aware or unaware of it.  But what comes with that is a certain interaction and understanding. How does this apply to marketing? Think about it, if you come in and build an advertisement that is happy go lucky, I doubt the angry tough guy will pay attention to it, or someone maybe feeling sad.  You go to where the people are. Have you heard that saying before? Where are they? What is really being communicated here is what are they going thing and how do they view the world around them. If you can assume the understanding of what others are doing, thinking, needing, well you will succeed in marketing.


How to Get Them to Listen

The data you need to select the right facebook or social audience comes from a lot of places.   Your sales people for one are more than likely your best line to what are the people thinking. They are the phones everyday, and unlike social media they are talking and interacting.  They hear what someone is thinking and going through and how they communicate. Your sales people have the greatest knowledge of your audience. Ask them, how do people communicate with you, what are they saying, how much income do they make, where are they struggling, are they urban or living in a suburban area, do they have a family, are they single.  All this data is easily obtainable from your sales people. Attain it and then utilize it. Utilize it on the front end of your graphic creation and video creation to tell multiple stories, that cover multiple levels as described above, use your Facebook Business Manager to asses and find the most closely related targets you can to place the correct video or graphic in front of.  They will see and they will engage, and most of all they will listen.


Collect all the Data You Can

Postings that are organic to your audience will give you great insight into who is paying attention and who is not.  They will tell you what is working and what does not. A few weeks ago I wrote an article and did a video about my car, highest viewed article and video I have yet.  This told me a lot about audience selection and how to get into communication with them. I am still tweaking my marketing strategies and content to incorporate this, because as Grant Cardone says I found a vein, it may not be the right vein, but I found one.  What is your audience telling you on your posts, how do they communicate to you, do they like and share or not at all. This information is invaluable as it sheds a great deal of light on what people are paying attention too and what they are not paying attention to.  This in turn supplies more data for you to apply on your advertising campaigns and audience selection in Facebook, Youtube, Linked In, and so on. Ask your sales people as mentioned above, look at what is happening in your social media organic postings, your email chains and threads.  What is taking place right in front of you. Never feel you could not figure out your audience, the data is right there staring at you and literally speaking to you. Ask your family, your friends. When I tell you about this product what do you think? How would this solve a problem for you.  I guarantee all of them have their own ideas good, bad and in between. This is data use it to build your videos and advertisements and apply the data when it comes time to selecting the audience.


Actually Use the Data

There are so many occasions where we have information, we know what is right and what is not and we fail to use our own training.  Use the data you collect, over and over again. As you expand into the marketplace and into the business world, more information will come into existence for you.  You may find it is time to readjust and re-market something slightly different to another audience. Whatever the case may be do not abandon the data you received. Always build on that data and never turn a campaign off that is still creating interaction with individuals.  That would be a major violation of a successful action for yourself and your company. The data you get is there because it makes sense, it works and is utilized in the most ethical way possible to get the work done. For example we have a campaign right now we just launched 6 days ago, we spent $200.00, and the client received 260 leads.  We created a new problem for him, he has to get a sales team. Now we know the data we collected is working and promoting him is not the issue, now we need a recruitment campaign. The selected audience for that is different, were looking for the phone guys, the sales genius who can come in and handle the leads being sent through.


Repetition Leads to Greatness, and Better Lead Generation

You start your campaign this thing is firing off like a rocket, your CTR is perfect you have selected the right audience, what do you do now?  Nothing. You let it roll. You found the vein, now build on it. How many different ways can you get into communication with this audience while slowly expanding outward into another audience.   Leave the great thing that you built and allow it to grow, now simultaneously expand outward into another level. People talk about market domination, this is how it is truly done. You do not rely on one vertical or level, you rely on all of them and make them get into communication with you.  The more you and repeat this cycle the better it is for you, the better it becomes for you and the more success you will find your campaign will achieve. You find, repeat, expand and repeat again. No matter what you do in this situation do not stop a successful campaign. Do not go in and tweak it again, let it run.


Documentation Will Save You and Solidify Domination

Lets say you go through all of this effort, you talk to your sales people, you build these wonderful videos ads and campaigns you select the audience based on the above information and you move on.  6 months go by, you want to change it and start a new. Well, you forgot to write everything down. You forgot to document what was successful and how you achieved it. What power it would be to say, I know exactly how to replicate these results, not just one time but over and over again.  IF you can select the right audience, all the right different levels to communicate and get your audience to listen, you better write that down. Leave nothing to chance and put yourself in a position where recalling that data is simple. Your marketing agency should do this and you should keep track of this as well. We at 10X Productions are interested in doing just this and document every step.  Somethings we do on one campaign suddenly become applicable in another campaign, it saves us time and allows us to launch the campaign faster and more effectively. We use data and documentation, save yourself the hassle later and prepare for what your next steps are.


Let us help you do this, we know what we are doing 10X Productions is a world class digital advertising agency and we can grow your business click this link to learn more – or if you want to see examples of our work click this link as well Have us give you a free marketing assessment with me Robert Syslo Jr and lets take a look at how we can get your audience right, get the content right and get that communication level right so that it can be effective and you can focus on what you do best which is expand your company and your sales.

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