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I was doing a marketing assessment today, this is a service that 10X Productions and Cardone Training Technologies offers.  The marketing assessment gives us the opportunity to analyze and view what exactly you are currently doing in your marketing and walk way after a forty minute call with an action plan. On this call today, the gentleman I was speaking to asked “How do I out perform another competitor up the street?”  This is the response.


When it comes to competition the first I thing I think of is Grant Cardone’s quote “Don’t compete, dominate”.  This holds true for advertising. Why? It is simply because the competition viewpoint is rather low, small and insignificant and minimizes your capabilities.  How does that work? If you were to focus on I have to beat the competition, I have to beat the competition, where is the focus? Beating the competition. What happened to outstanding customer service, brand development, promotion and the focus on the bigger picture.  It is easy to fall into the comparison game and the competition game, but it is hard to stay out of it.


When you can begin to position yourself into the dominant player space, you realize just what does it take to achieve this.  It takes an extraordinary amount of effort, greater than what you are used to, to push create and advertise every single day.  The discipline required is what enables the forward moment that you can create with. 10X Productions with every client is not so much interested in the competition, but rather how can we effectively place advertising campaigns, and distribute our clients into the space and industry they are in so that there is no question of whether or not you are competing it is just known and visible.


How does this work.  Grant Cardone’s motto of building a fire so bright that everyone can see it, means literally outwork everyone so much that they almost give up in their own endeavors because you have surpassed what they think is possible at achieving.  If you could commit to an above average advertising campaign, an above average discipline to promotion you need to think with what level you want to play at.


When it comes to the call I was on I knew it was extremely important to bypass the notion of a competitor’s world and get him thinking on the dominance play, even if he does not have the resources yet at his disposal.  If I could get him to see the future play, the long term game, then he will see that competition is temporary dominance is legacy. After beginning to talk through this the attitude adjusted and it became about how can I position myself in the minds of the people that follow me in my industry and how can I win at what I do every moment of the day.


It is not competition but wins that take place along the way in advertising.  Every lead, every impression, every increase in click-thru-rate is a win and a repositioning of yourself to dominance.  These small incremental changes build momentum to a giant spike, the spike should look come in the way of increased followers and increased attention from the people in your industry and space that is what the spike will look like.  What will it feel like, it will feel like dominance, it won’t feel as tense as competition. It will feel like certainty.


“How does one remain in this position?” He asked me, and I related it to who can out work and out promote the other guy.  The promoter will always win, the promoter no matter what is happening in your life at that moment, the promoter will always, always, always win.  Grant was speaking in a live show, and he said something I will never forget “promoters always win” He is right. No matter how big or small your following is, the promoter can win and will win.  Let that sink in right now.


In this marketing assessment it was clear to me that it was beginning to make sense.  This concept of the promoter winning. Why does he win? Because he is constantly challenging non-existence and that challenge will always keep him in a position of dominance.  No one else in the space or the industry will take the time required to build and promote the brand and the company the way it should be. You want to outperform the competition in advertising, get to work, build the brand, develop the message and set the discipline to creating an image that is always begin placed further into the market place.  


The company, the individual who never ceases to promote will always have the attention necessary to convert that attention into income.  The goal of your advertising, your facebook campaigns, your lead generation is just this consistent expansion into the future of yourself and the mission of the company.  10X Productions assists with this, we change mindsets, we change the face of advertising, because it not only is about the reach, the impression and the conversion, but it is also about granting importance to position of dominance someone can experience in their industry.


Much like 10X Productions marketing assessments, the discipline to understand industries, more specifically your own gives you the plan of attack and the plan to promote.  I often talk about writing down the objections, the reasons people buy, the benefits to your product and service, because that is what is required in out performing the other guy in advertising.  You know what you are talking about you can promote it.


Here is the kicker, if you are not promoting, why is that?  What is happening that you are not promoting? Is the product ethical, is the product viable, does it help others? If you are getting into a position of a no here, then rethink what you are selling, because one cannot dominate in this space without serious ethical products.  Those products that are ethical allow you to freely promote without being held back by knowing it is bad. Get on the road to the right product and you will do everything in your power to promote. 10X Productions focuses on exactly this. I am writing these blogs, doing these videos on my youtube channel, blowing up my instagram, because I know what I am offering is correct, I know what I am offering and what 10X Productions is offering is the best product and the best digital agency out there.


You want to outperform the other company? Do what 10X Productions and Grant Cardone does, everything you have in front of you is available for promotion.  Those who dominate take the most mundane and turn into into something interesting, whatever that is for you I can leave that for you to decided. At 10X Productions we are interesting in showing you a different viewpoint when it comes to promotion, a different way to creating a public image that distinguishes yourself from the space you are in.  


Yes we do lead generation, yes we do it all when it comes to advertising on social media, but more importantly for 10X Productions it is about what are you the client doing to also enhance your image and your brand.  Are you operating at the highest level required to promote every day? When you come home do you write a blog, do a video promote on social media? What is it or where in your life can you take the time that might be spent watching TV and devoting it to the distribution and another push out into the marketplace about your company?


I ask myself these questions everyday, I focus on this everyday, 10X Productions focuses on this everyday, did you promote enough today did you distribute enough today, thats what the focus is and that is what someone who dominates the space does.  They focus not on the competition but on the people they are trying to help. Focusing on the competition in the eyes of 10X Production is the wrong target for you its the wrong target for where you need to be, focus on what makes your product great and and how that product can assist others. 10X Productions our team there can help you with this, and even if not you can at least take away something from this article that helps you understand further what is it that you did today that advertised your business, who you are and how you can help them.


The end of that call went extremely well, considering he only wanted to talk for 20 minutes it turned into an hour call, and we were both excited and looking towards the future of what he might be able to accomplish.  This is what excites me and this is what excites our entire team at 10X Productions.

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