When I started my first business I had some sales experience and almost no cold calling experience, plus no one knew me. But what I did have was a lot of guts and an idea I was 100-percent sold on! I made 500-750 calls per week and followed up in person with people, even if they had just hung up on me days before. My successes were few and far between. And I knew if I could cold call that often and not be negatively affected, I could do anything.

Even though I own four businesses, I still cold call today. Here are six ways to go about heating up those cold calls so you can become massively successful:

1. Be Confident. You must be so sold on your product, idea or service that it would be unethical for you not to tell prospects about it. It’s more than being 100-percent sold, you must understand and know, without a doubt, that your product or service is a solution to a problem. “I hope I’m not bothering you,” should be changed to, “I have something that will help you make (or save) more money and will quickly impact your business!”

2. Anticipate Objections. You must be able to predict every possible response, objection, or complaint from the person you are calling. This only comes with a dedication to studying yourself, your methods and your prospects. I recorded my calls, reviewed them, took notes, rewrote the answers, pitched, recorded and repeated—until I had an ability to predict any question, complaint or objection from prospects. You must fully commit to this for it to be possible.

3. Give Your Intention Up Front. The goal of the greeting is to introduce yourself, make a good impression, and put the buyer at ease. My goal here is to set the stage for the remaining steps. If you don’t have a relationship with the client you don’t want to waste their time trying to make a great impression. If you do know them, you don’t want to waste time with small talk and not getting down to business. What we want to do is use this step to open the door to the reason we are there: To move the prospect into a buyer.

4. Make Massive Claims. Early in the call you must make monster-sized claims. Start with, “The reason I’m calling you is to save you 25%,” or, “lower your rate by,” or, “show you a way to increase sales.” And you must make these claims with conviction—if you can’t, go back and resell yourself on the product or idea.

5. Have A Great Attitude. If they are negative, rude, or dismissive you must stay positive—no matter what! I receive cold calls all the time. My receptionist gathers information about the callers to determine how best to help them. She’s polite and professional. One time I wasn’t available and a caller got frustrated because they wanted to speak to me directly. They didn’t get their way and abruptly hung up on my receptionist. If the called had maintained a positive attitude, he’d have a better chance winning over my receptionist. Instead, he took a negative tone, got rude, and never met his goal.

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6. Be Polite, Professional, Positive and Persistent (The 4 Ps). I remember this one guy who cold called me every day to get a job. Each time he called he was polite and professional to my receptionist and managers. He was committed and made it clear in a professional manner that he wouldn’t stop calling until he got a meeting with me. By the third week, everyone at my office knew who he was. He was so persistent we even talked about him in the morning meetings and my staff was starting to vouch for him. He used The 4 Ps, eventually got his goal to meet me, got hired and is now my VP of Sales.

Cold calling is something salespeople and entrepreneurs must master to become successful. The sooner you start to cold call to promote, the better off your business will be. Set your goals incredibly high—10X higher than you would normally—and then start dialing. The more calls you make the quicker you will deal with rejection. And keeping your pipeline full means you won’t have time to dwell.

Be great,