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How to Manage Time – The G&E Show

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How to Manage Time: The G&E Show

How do you manage time, pick your projects and decide what you are going to do?
Grant and Elena share five tips on how to 10X your time in 2019.

1. Don’t spend a lot of time-fighting each other. Be on the same page with the same goals. Be in agreement.

2. Prioritize. Nothing is equally important. Determine what fuse is shorter and deal with that. Handle what is about to blow up first.

3. What’s the Payoff? Measure the benefits that will result from your actions. What will pay you and your family right now?

4. Divide and Conquer. Create time by splitting up your efforts. Being a team doesn’t mean being attached at the hip. Do some things by yourself while your partner handles other tasks and get more done.

5. Outsourcing. Don’t get bogged down by spending time with something that won’t produce results.

Create and manage your time in the coming year and decide to quit making time as an excuse for not getting things done!

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