How to Make Big Money on Little Deals

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If you’re going to do small deals, change your goal. Get in, fix the deal, and find a buyer so that you flip the deal, and keep flipping until you have enough cash for 32 units. If you buy a 4-unit deal, the goal is to improve the property and increase the rents so that the cash returns are better and you can sell the place higher. This is multi-family apartment flipping. Don’t stay in a 4-unit deal, you might make $600 a month, but it’s not worth the headache, you should just get better at the job you have if you need $600. If you do the 4-unit deal, you want to flip it. Remember, bigger deals are less risky because you have more doors. If you’re a big hitter, if you make a couple hundred thousand a year or have $1 million in net worth, come and invest with me at and remember, it’s never about how little you can pay, it’s about how much you know.

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  • Lisa Beauchamp

    I love this show! I actually have a 4 family and now I have an idea how to price the sale based on NOI. I paid $215k for the 4 unit and our gross rent is $47k, cash flow is $22k after $160k debt. We put down 25% by refinancing our primary residence. There is a 15 unit for $600k with NOI of $78k & 13% CAP. I need to get $150k down and this is a perfect way. I bought this when I was an accountant and making close to 6 figures a year. Now I am unemployed. I could borrow the $150k from a private person and then pay them off when I sell the 4 family. I tried to refi the 4 family and take cash out and they are raping me because I don’t have a “real job”. I don’t want to wait until the 4 family sells and lose out on the 15 family. Should I find a 2nd lien holder or cross collateralize? Does Grant have a better idea?